AI Interviews

These are the model brains I made this term, continuing my work from term one and developing it further. I used interviews with different A.I. and chat bots to inspire individual brain aesthetics with the goal of creating a unique looking appearance for each. This was an idea I toyed with in first term but never really went through with, however the interviews made it, so I was creating something based on responses instead of from thin air. This grounded my project more in the idea of A.I. and tailoring the models to the idea of a personality as opposed to a hypothetical one which would come from my (obviously human) brain, in a way ruining the process.

Below is a list of all the chat programmes I interviewed to gather material for creating my models. I did this because I wanted to interview a primitive from of AI, even if the responses I get are nonsense it gives me something to work with. And nonsense responses can actually be really interesting as when errors occur, trying to translate them can lead to new ideas and directions. I really enjoy the weird answers I got. It definitely felt confused and disembodied, nothing like a real conversation but still very interesting.

Casper 3000





Visual Chat Bot



Live Person

Answer Bot

English Bot


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