Initial ‘Brain Garden Concept’

Originally the Brain garden was going to look something like this diagram, which I made when brainstorming how I can utilise a large space in AR.

However, I encountered a few problems with this, these were.

  1. The more models I include in a mesh the more room the file takes up and the platforms I use have a cap of 200MB. So if one brain model alone is close to 50MB then it would be unlikely I’d be able to make a single garden this big without compromising on the quality of the individual models.
  2. I could use separate meshes and place them in one plain, however again Sketchfab and Augment have limits of 4 per plain meaning that a garden this size even if separated would be technically difficult.

In order to still make this idea work I decided to rethink the Brain Garden. I decided that it would be best to split my models up into groups and create separate gardens which can be displayed on a large plane, without lowering the quality of the files to accommodate quantity. I also decided that to have the brains just floating there wasn’t enough and decided to create a vine like structure or something to hold them, like grapes or flowers or something similar. This could also resemble veins and work to further the style of my art as being between nature and technology.

A newer vision of what one of my brain gardens will look like.

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