Nancy Baker Cahill

“My work interprets the human body as an intimate source of knowledge; a vulnerable and resilient territory. The contradictions inherent in immersive media– invisibility/visibility, real/virtual, embodied/disembodied–  resonate with me as they mirror the push and pull of opposing forces within the body.

Our ideas and lived experiences of our bodies are increasingly mediated by advances in technology.  The tools I use to explore these changes reflect these adaptations. In drawing, video, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), installation and original sound, I attempt to isolate ephemeral moments of exertion and stillness. I am equally interested in power dynamics and how they shift, strain and contract. Drawing in traditional formats and in VR allows for an empathic expansion of my ideas. On paper and in virtual space, my process is deeply physical. My hope is that this energy is present in the experience of the work.

By using deliverable technologies that are accessible, I hope to reach larger audiences. My goal with all of my projects is to offer unexpected embodied experiences that in turn provoke conversation and initiate a broader cultural dialogue.”

Cahill uses AR to create ethereal experiences that are abstract and sensory. I like how the scale of her work is large instead of strictly handheld as it creates a uniquely different experience for a viewer in that an entire environment can be contained within a phone screen yet feel so vast. Her sculptures and surreal and resemble fractured glass as if she is attempting to break through the AR screen and into the real world. This creates an interesting dialogue on how we experience the world and where the line is between real and fake.

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