Artist Summary

Last term my work was concerned with ideas about alternative portraits however has shifted to AI and ideas about artificial intelligence. Originally I was fascinated by the idea of the stripping of physical identity and ideas about ones inner self, however through that work I developed a practice of making 3D brain sculptures that this term caused me to focus more on artificial personality as opposed to human personality. This was also brought on by my research into A.I. and ideas about future prediction as a tool for artistic inspiration as outlined in Hartnell’s ‘Medieval Bodies’. It was also inspired by real world technology such as CRISPR AI and biomechanics and the aesthetics of biomechanics.

The obsession I developed with 3D projection still lingers as I attempt to discover new methods with which I can bring the digital to life. This term replaces the somewhat difficult Projection Pyramid with a more streamlined and technologically advanced AR experience. My end goal was to create an experience by combining this method with large 3D sculptures that one could explore and walk around. In a sense my work is essentially me trying to provide a tiny snippet of how I see the future or at least how I would like it to be if it were interesting. This being the ‘Brain Garden’ and digital sculptures than embody the idea of growing A.I. instead of the more commonly envisioned mechanical aesthetic which I myself already explored way back in first year. (I see this project not necessarily as a continuation of that project but an alternative take utilising the skill I have acquired through university.)