Suzanne Anker

Stem Cell Photographs

Models made from plaster inspired by natural shapes and symetry.

Suzanne Anker is a visual artist and theorist working at the intersection of art and the biological sciences. Her practice investigates the ways in which nature is being altered in the 21st century. Concerned with genetics, climate change, species extinction and toxic degradation, she calls attention to the beauty of life and the “necessity for enlightened thinking about nature’s ‘tangled bank’.” Anker frequently works with “pre-defined and found materials” botanical specimens, medical museum artifacts, laboratory apparatus, microscopic images and geological specimens. She works in a variety of mediums ranging from digital sculpture and installation to large-scale photography to plants grown by LED lights. Her work has been shown both nationally and internationally in museums and galleries.

Ankers work to me is very receptive of biology and also expressive of those natural shapes and figures that arise from labs and dissections, but mostly from growth of cells and organs. The symmetry of her models is hypnotizing in a way and gives this very real feeling of being naturally occurring objects in nature as opposed to just Art. Her other works that revolve around small clusters of cells are not that interesting to me compared to her sculptures made from plaster that mimic biology despite being synthetic. Given my work try’s to achieve a similar aesthetic, her work is hugely inspirational.

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